Emergency Preparedness and Shelter In Place

Policy:  Emergency Preparedness and Shelter in Place

The following are rules and regulations of The Board of Trustees of The Richards Library. These are effective May 5, 2014 and will be reviewed biannually.

Prevention: 911 is known by all staff and patrons as the emergency number to be used by any phone in the building, or personal cell phone if necessary and available. Staff shall notify library director of any potential building hazards or repairs or anything out of the ordinary either outside or inside building when needed.  Library director will notify appropriate committee chair (for example, building and grounds) and the president of the Board of Trustees. Post the locations of water, gas, electric turn off points. All exits and traffic areas will be kept clear of clutter. The director will maintain a list of emergency numbers and contact vendors for insurance, building repairs, and supplies.

Shelter in Place: In an emergency there is always a possibility that the library will be used as an evacuation point for the Warrensburg Elementary School in such cases as: Infrastructure failures such as transportation, roads, extreme weather conditions, etc. Fire or airborne contamination An armed threat within the school building Shelter in Place is prescribed when it appears to be more dangerous outside than inside.  Shelter in Place will require immediate action.  If an armed individual is observed, 911 will be called, and patrons, staff, and anyone else in the building will immediately be moved to safety. Close and lock all doors and windows. Assist Warrensburg Elementary School Staff with securing the safety of the children, calling parents, and notifying proper authorities.