Library Board, Staff and Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees of The Richards Library 2019

Esther McTague, President,

Bridgette Connelly-Howe, Vice-President,

Elaine Cowin, Secretary,

John Gitto, Financial Officer,

Gina Colburn, Treasurer,

John Schroeter, Trustee,

Susan Matzner, Trustee,

Suzanne Glebus, Trustee,

Sarah Gebbie-Measeck, Trustee,

Library Staff

  • Michael Sullivan, Director/Librarian,
  • Lynn Crandall, Library Assistant,
  • Barbara Whitford, Library Assistant,
  • Mary Eaton, Library Assistant,
  • Jeanne Wood, Library Assistant Sub,
  • Judy Stein, Library Assistant Sub,
  • Valerie O’Donnell, Library Assistant Sub,
  • Laura Danna, Library Assistant Sub,

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

2018 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

2019 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes